Employment Application

Application for Employment
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Services: Town Ordinances and Permits

All permits are mandated and regulated by Town Council Members for the benefit and safety of all residents and assures a quality living environment.

Building Permits and Regulations:


Per TCEQ (Texas Commission on Environmental Quality) You   must    have   at least (3/4 acre) of land to have a septic   system installed.   ONLY TCEQ can grandfather your property for a traditional septic system.  The Town Council requires a minimum of two of the smaller lots or at least one of the 100' by 100' lot to build.  An Engineered septic plan is required before a permit will be issued.


*Concrete culverts are required, and must be at least 18" in diameter.  The minimum length for a standard driveway is 18' (3 of the 6' sections sold by the Town).  If you have a doubt what size culvert you need please contact City Hall and someone will come to your location and make that determination.  If you place undersized culverts they will be removed, confiscated and you can be cited. 


Also, you cannot build within 5 feet of neighboring property lines, or within 25 feet from the edge of property line on the roadside of the lot. Also, manufactured homes must wind zone 2, and be placed parallel to the road. All residential dwellings must be at least 900 sq. ft., and comply will all floodplain regulations (unless Town Council have approved a variance).


A certificate of elevation is required and the lowest floor of the home must be at least 38" above mean sea level.  Also, it cannot be blocked up more than 3' from the ground. Without using an engineered block set, or placed on piers (Ask at Town Hall of Specifics).


Floodplain Development and Building Permits must be obtained for all houses, home additions, home demolitions, and manufactured homes, as all homes are located in flood zone AE. The Town may approve and allow use of travel trailers, where a building permit has been issued only for use while a home is being built.   Otherwise travel trailer and RV are not permitted for use as a residence.  Some Summer use may be allowed, however; Town Council must approve prior to placement.


All permits must be approved by the Floodplain Administrator and then the Holiday Lakes Town Council before construction may begin, or any manufactured home may be moved into the town.  And a Certificate of Occupancy must be granted before any building/home may be utilized or lived in.



Permit Regulations can be found under permit applications and information.

Permit Prices and Usefull Information

$100.00 ………. Building Permits (includes Homes, additions to homes where addition will be 1/2 or more of the value of home, Garages not attached to house, and storage buildings more than 12-foot-wide and/or 24 foot-long or(less than 288 Sq. Ft.).


$100.00 ………. Manufactured  Home  Permit   (a minimum of 900 sq. ft. of  livable space is required.)


All manufactured homes are   required to be FEMA wind zone 2.  When the home is more

than  five years old pictures of the entire outside and   inside showing   walls and floors are

required;  and home must be placed parallel to road, unless approved by Town Council prior  to placement.


$100.00 ………. Home/Manufactured Home/Manufactured Home Removal (When moved over Town Streets)


$ 50.00 ………. Travel Trailer (vacation and home building only)


$ 20.00 ………. Truck Permit (for 18-wheeler: tractors only, or Class B trucks



$100.00 ………. Vendor/Peddler’s Permits (to sell within the Town limits of Holiday Lakes) You must specify what you plan to sell, please include all items.



Utility Service Reuglations and Application for Service(s)

Utiltiy Service Regulations
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Application for Service: Water, Garbage, and/or Mail Box
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Building,  Manufactured Home, and Travel Trailer Permit Applications, and Certificate of Elevation

Building Permit Application/Manufactured Home Permit Application Including Usefull and Required Information
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Travel Trailer Permit Application
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Certificate of Elevation
Elevation Certificate Blank.pdf
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Peddler's/Solicitor's Permit Application

Peddler's/Solicitor's Permit Application
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Truck Permit Application

Truck Permit Application
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