Holiday Lakes Municipal Court

The Honorable Sharon Fox-Presiding Judge

 John Willy - Town Attorney

Cindy Clark-Court Clerk, CCC2

 The Holiday Lakes Municipal Court is held on the second Tuesday of each month at 5pm, in the Municipal Building at 195 N. Texas Ave., Holiday Lakes, TX 77515.  It is the big blue building.  You may contact the Court at 979-849-1136 or send us a fax at 979-849-5225.

 If you need an  interpreter please inform the court at least 72 hours prior to your court date to allow time to process your request.

To Reschedule a Court Date:


Cannot make your court date, please call our office at 979-849-1136 and ask for the Court Clerk, or email her at

The clerk can reschedule your court date.  If you missed court please call as soon as possible to reschedule to avoid having a warrant issued for your arrest.

Please see below for payment options. 


We accept: cash, pre-printed personal checks-with vaild Texas Photo Identification, money order, and credit card payments.  Credit card payments will be charged an additional 2.65% to process payment.


Amounts subject to change without notice.  


 Payment Options


If you pled Guilty,  or Nolo Contrendre (No Contest), you will be found Guilty.  And can ask for a payment plan. Payment plans can be made to work within any budget. 


Please speak with the Judge if you cannot afford to pay and can provide evidence of inability to pay, community service could be an option.  Or, if you cannot pay and cannot do community service, will also need to speak to the Judge.

We would like to invite you to visit our court any time.  We look forward to seeing you there.