Holiday Lakes


The Town of Holiday Lakes, is located in Brazoria County approximately 9 miles due west of Angleton, Oyster Creek is our western border.  Holiday Lakes is off County Road 30N, which is off FM 521 (Almeda Rd.). The town consists of mainly residential areas built around five small lakes; all situated about 2 miles east of the Brazos River.


Holiday Lakes was incorporated in 1981. 


Holiday Lakes has one Convenience Store (The Trading Post, Owned and Operated by Donna Brown, one Baptist Church (Holiday Lakes Baptist Church, Brother Mark Richards Pastor), and a Local Watering Hole (The Hitching Post, Owned and Operated by Clay Stevens and Rhonda Cantu).




The Town of Holiday Lakes accepts no responsibility for accidents that occur while on private property or in private vehicles.  Nor will the Town be responsible for damages that occur because of reckless or careless behavior, even when on City Property.


For your convenience, we provide:


Postage Stamps: Current Postal Rates



$0.10 Black and White, 8 1/2 X 11, Per Page or Side

$0.20 Color, 8 1/2 X 11, Per Page or Side

$0.20 Black and White, 11 X 17, Per Page or Side

$0.40 Color, 11 X 17, Per Page or Side 

Bill Copy:  $2.00 Each


Fax Services: $2.00 First Page, $1.00 Each Additional Page


Notary Services: $6.00 First Signer, $1.00 Each Additional Signer


Culverts:  Must be at least 18" diameter and made of concrete,

culverts may be purchased through City Hall.

Contact the Utility Clerk for current cost.


Gravel:  Sold by backhoe bucket call for current rate.

 Note: There is a limit of 2 buckets, per location.


If you request a Town Employee Research: Property Information, Ordinances or any other Public Information you  will  be  charged $15.00 per hour, with a minimum charge of $15.00.  You will also be charge for copies at the rates stated above.




Park Equipment

You can hang out for the day with the kids in the park. The park offers a swing set with a toddler swing, all so the little ones can enjoy a day outdoors.


There is also a soccer field with goals located behind the Municipal Building